crocus.jpgEvery year I watch very closely for the first crocus in bloom. It is never in my own yard, of course. But it has been consistently in the same yard about two blocks from my own house. I keep garden and wildlife notes every year, and I always note when I saw the first crocus. I know it’s not terribly scientific, but I always find it interesting to see the variation in that “first crocus” date. (One note, although we associate them with spring, it is always in mid-winter that I see the first one.)

This year, I saw that first little yellow crocus on….drum roll….January 24th! This is the earliest date since I’ve been keeping records. I suspect our 60 degree warm stretches this year in January helped coax them along earlier. Last year, we had some consistently cold temps in December and January, and I noted my latest “first crocus” date.

Just for comparison, here are the “first crocus” dates for the past several years:

2009: Jan 24

2008: Feb 27 (my journal has a “finally!” next to that one)

2007: Feb 18

2006: Feb 8

2005: Jan 26

Sigh..I do see crocus leaves in my garden but no sign yet of a bloom. And just in case you’re interested, I saw my first crocus bloom *in my garden* last year on Mar 11.