Yesterday, I discovered the first flowers in my yard for the year – two little purple irises coming up in the driest dustiest part of my newly establishing buffalo grass lawn. Last fall, I ordered around 500 bulbs to go into the buffalo grass lawn I’d started from plugs over the summer. I’d seen so many fabulous pictures of others’ lawns in April filled with color that it was always a part of my plan to do the bulbs after getting the lawn started. Luckily, I found a wholesale place with really good prices (and having to order in quantities of 50 or more was not a problem). Well…I planted and I planted and I planted. The bulbs ended up nearly in a grid because I really could not imagine just throwing 500 bulbs out to naturalize and then not stepping on them or losing any (and plus, I’d then be committed to planting all those bulbs at once!). I watered them in and the squirrels pretty much left them alone……for a few weeks. We didn’t get any snow in November to cover the lawn and I started to notice holes in the yard. Then I caught a squirrel digging. After a while, my yard looked like this:

squirrelholes1.jpg squirrelholes2.jpg

The little holes appeared in nearly a grid. Sigh…I wondered if I’d lost all my bulbs to them. But then yesterday I saw this!

Today, I see two more irises have joined the original two plus a bonus crocus! We’ve still had very little snow, so the yard still looks like swiss cheese. I’ll keep watch to see how many of the bulbs actually did make it through the digging.

Meanwhile, in my front garden, I had my other first crocuses today (in addition to the one in back).