bluegreenwasp.jpgMy husband and I were enjoying lunch on our deck when we noticed a black and yellow wasp hovering around holding an ash sawfly worm. It disappeared behind a tile hanging on the wall behind us. Looking behind the tile revealed a big stash of ash sawfly larvae and other food! “Wow…nature at work in our garden,” we marveled.

Then we noticed a beautiful iridescent blue-green insect hanging out on the side of another tile. It was pretty docile and stood still for a photo. We had no idea what it was..a weird moth maybe? (no…we’re not really insect experts.)

A little deep (ha!) research using the search terms “blue green insect” at Google revealed this little guy to be what’s called a cuckoo wasp. And his appearance near where the other wasp was stashing food was no coincidence!In fact, “he” was more likely a “she” about to lay her own eggs up in the food storage area to then eat the eggs and larvae of the other hard working wasp that was, in addition to storing food, probably laying eggs too. Some cuckoo wasps also just steal the food directly, which will cause the other wasps larvae to starve when they hatch. So either way, the other wasp’s larvae end up the losers. “Eek…nature at work in our garden!” (This cuckoo wasp has such a wide-eyed innocent look. I was totally fooled.)