housefinch.jpgTime for this year’s “first house finch mating song” report!

Every year I record when I hear the first FULL house finch mating song. Often I may hear them warming up on their songs even earlier with little snippets. But to make my study more scientific (ha!), I committed to only counting the day that I hear the first full song. So this year, when I stepped out of the front door on Jan 16 and heard just the end of a song, I was hopeful. But the little guy didn’t cooperate and I didn’t hear a full rendition afterwards. So, instead, this year I have to go with ….. (drum roll)…. Jan 19!

This is a bit late compared to previous years, but we’ve experienced some sustained cold temps. My best guess is that that would account for the extra few days.

Here are my results from the past few years:

2009: Jan 12

2008: Jan 8

2007: Jan 15

2006: Jan 15

2005: Jan 23