Overheard at the recent Peak to Prairie Landscape Symposium in Colorado Springs….

Here are some interesting tidbits I heard in the sessions I attended at the 2010 symposium. Please know I’ve done my best to be exact, but I’m sure I’ve not gotten everything 100% accurate! (If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to look back at 2009’s symposium, go here https://careymoonbeam.wordpress.com/2009/02/24/quotables-from-the-landscape-symposium/)

From Susan Tweit (“Beautiful Resurrection: The Unexpected Blessings of Restoring Wildness Right at Home”):

“What do I think of deer? They taste great!”

From Brad Landaster (“Turning Drains Into Sponges and Water Scarcity into Water Abundance with Rainwater Harvesting”):

“Before this we didn’t have any native bird life – just exotic pigeons. But we did have a tradition of squab night…”

“We’re hydrophobic.”

“Let’s move on to storm water because this is legal here….well most of it anyway.”

“This is what makes my buns jiggle with joy!”

“Every day we take a pristine resource and make it into a toxic substance.” (with water-flushing toilets)

“Slow it, spread it, sink it.”

From Penn Parmenter (“Wild Mountain Gardening”):

“Our favorite question is ‘What are you gonna do with all that food?!’ We’re going to eat it.”

“If you think an elk in your garden is bad, try a steer. And if you think a steer is bad, try an old, grumpy retired rodeo bull.”

“This is full-tilt boogie wild.”

“Here we are, picking beans in the snow…on Sep 20.”

“A tomato never wants to go be 50 degrees in its life…maybe even 55 degrees.”

From Eric Billmeyer (“Successful Partnerships: Fountain Creek Restoration in Manitou Springs – A Return to Nature”):

“We’re (Rocky Mtn Field Institute) known for moving rocks. Lots of rocks. Heavy rocks.”

From Dan Johnson (“Naturalistic Landscapes and Sustainable Meadows for Home Gardens”):

“I didn’t know I was going to have to follow the Scott Skogerboe Comedy Hour!”

“These (foxtail barley) will come up in the cactus bed where it’s hardest to weed around. They’ll happily spend the rest of their lives there.”

“Well, theoretically, all of our plants (at Denver Botanic Gardens) have metal tags on them.”

From Greg Foreman (“The New Western Garden Style: An Experiment in Consilience with The Gardens at Kendrick Lake”):

“My rule for gardening is that you have to kill it three times before you can give up on it…more than three if you really love it.”

“Plants are much more forgiving than computers.”

“Wild and gangly is great!”

From Brad Lancaster (“Planting the Rain: Principles, Practices, and Tips for Legal Water-Harvesting Earthworks and Raingardens”):

“The first step in reducing run-off from hardscape is to reduce hardscape.”

“Here’s how to do this….if you get a permit.”

“Oops…oh yeah – the law doesn’t like that here.”

“I hated detention!”

“A mile of smiles” (boomerang berms on slopes)

“Who loves ya’ baby?! Come to papa!” (hugging the water with your boomerang berms)

From Ebi Kondo (“Using Vegetables as Ornamentals in Your Garden”):

“I talk alot. So if I’m talking too much, let me know.”

“When I was younger, I was a little bit snooty about things like that.” (marigolds)

“Some of them are…..odd.” (amaranths)

“If you don’t want to eat it (kohlrabi), you can keep it all year and it gets bigger and bigger and weirder and weirder.”

“Everybody asks ‘What kind of plant is that?’ and we say ‘It’s cabbage!'”

“Many people don’t know it’s edible, and that’s a good thing!” (on kale that is being used in parks in Denver)

“This has nothing to do with my talk. But sometimes I think I talk too much. So I use this to bring their attention back.”

“I never eat this myself, but many people say it’s edible.”

“Not only animals, but sometimes people, steal these things.” (veggies in accessible gardens)

From Joel Reich (“Small Fruits for the Front Range”):

“I’m not a doctor, and I don’t even play one on tv.”

“What’s the fruit scene like here?”

“They’re quadruple-E delicious!”

“You WILL have to do something for the birds. That might be sharing ALOT with them….but you’ll have to do something.”

“Tastes kind of like….diesel.”

“How many people here have just awesome rhodies and azaleas?”

“They’re still looking for a sexy name for this one.” (on blackberry variety PT-2A4)

“This is not high-tech folks; this is burlap.”

“Don’t even think of coming to Longmont looking for bed sheets.”

“Now they’ve change it to ‘Miracle-Gro Fertilizer for acid loving plants’ – that’s just so much catchier than ‘Mir Acid'”

“These have thorns that can kill.” (new primocane blackberry varieties)

From Pat Hayward (“Plant Select: Tips and Tricks”):

“Be careful when you Google ‘tricks in the garden.’ These were a few of the G-rated results.”

“There is no bad soil, only misunderstood soil.” (quoting Harriet MacMillan)

“How do you KNOW when a plant is established?!”