crocus2.jpgEvery year, I keep track of when I see the first crocus in bloom (See last year’s post.). Well this morning I FINALLY saw the first crocus in bloom in my neighborhood. It was starting to feel like it would never happen! Of course, the first crocus is never in my own garden. I usually see it along the sidewalk at a house about three blocks from me. This morning, the crocus I saw was actually at a different house, so I may need to change my observation area. The original “first crocus” place is owned by an elderly person who gets a little help with her gardening, and the last few years, the crocus area has been left with heavy leaf cover over it. I suspect the crocus have been getting weaker and weaker under there.

For comparison, once again I’m including the information from past years. You’ll note that this is the latest I’ve seen the first crocus since I’ve kept records (and I can assure you that I’ve been keeping a very close eye out the past few weeks!):

2010: March 2

2009: Jan 24

2008: Feb 27 (my journal has a “finally!” next to that one)

2007: Feb 18

2006: Feb 8

2005: Jan 26

My gosh….looking back at my records, last year it was March 3 when I saw the first crocus in bloom in my front yard. There isn’t a peep of a crocus leaf that I can see at this point! I hope it’s not another 4 weeks…..