Sigh…well it’s been about three or so weeks since I pulled up the chicken wire that I put over the second round of bulbs I put in the buffalo grass last fall (See “Bulb Battle with the Squirrels – Part 2” below). And darn it if the little buggers (I have a ruder nickname for them during these times) aren’t out there once again aerating my buffalo grass with holes, digging up bulbs and chewing those that have sprouted. I’ve done a quick spray with Ropel and dropped some Repels All down, but I’m not terribly hopeful. I’m not sure what else I can do to have a nifty bulb display in the lawn. Leaving the chicken wire down doesn’t seem a wise option, though maybe I need to leave it down until the bulbs are done blooming one year? (I really hate tripping over the edges of the wire every time I walk across the lawn in the winter and early spring.) I really am surprised as I figured since my bulbs holes should no longer have that “freshly dug” smell – how are they knowing where to dig?!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Bulb Battle with the Squirrels – Part 2