Here is the helpful map of the north part of the park. I use the areas I’ve labeled on the map to organize my posts.

NOTE: The photos of the plants are for help in identification. They may not have been taken at the specific place in the park that the plant is listed under.

Seen blooming today….

Fox Den Patch

Penstemon spp. – Now there are few blooming penstemon in this area. This was where I first saw them last year. They are a bit shorter this year. (Native)

Evening primrose (Oenothera caespitosa and/or O. albicaulis) – The number of blooms continues to increase though the size of them remains small. (Native)

Salsify (Tragopogon dubius) – These have actually been blooming over a wide area for awhile, but the blooms have been so small as to be inconsequential compared to their normal size. They are going to seed now. (Alien)

Mystery penstemon

Penstemon spp.

Oenothera caespitosa

Tragopogon dubius

Tragopogon dubius

Middle Path (and other areas)

Japanese tree lilac (Syringa reticulata) – This tree continues to bloom nicely this year! I love how it extends the lilac season for us. If you can get close enough to a bloom, give it a whiff and you’ll detect that lilac scent that most of us love.

Syringa reticulata

Syringa reticulata

Turn-around Patch

Showy milkweed (Asclepias speciosa) – The number of plants blooming continues to grow just before and along the north edge of the turn-around. These seem just as large as last year. (Native)

Mrs. Palmer’s curse or rampion bellflower (Campanula rapunculoides) – This plant isn’t on the noxious weed list, but I wonder if it may be someday. It is quite difficult to get rid of and is common in the gardens of our area. The local name (Mrs. Palmer’s curse) comes from the story that General Palmer’s wife introduced this plant to the area. There is a clump growing along the north edge of the turn-around. (Alien)

Asclepias speciosa

Campanula rapunculoides

Campanula rapunculoides

**On June 26 – My husband encountered a coyote sitting on the trail about 1/4 mile north of the Uintah St bridge!