We’ve definite moved into late summer in the park. However, a few notable newbies have started blooming recently. (Golden aster, a bit of alfalfa, and some of the threadleaf yellowrays are still in bloom in some places.)

Map – Here is the helpful map of the north part of the park. I use the areas I’ve labeled on the map to organize my posts.

New plants this week….


Virgulus ericoides

Many-flowered aster (Virgulus ericoides) – This one has been starting to bloom a bit over the past few weeks, but it is really getting noticeable. It is pretty much the only thing with white flowers you’ll see in the north part of the park right now. The flowers are clustered densely towards the end of the branches on plants about one-to-two feet tall. You can see some along the Middle Path (see map), north of the Fox Den Area. A few are near a patch of common mullein on the east side of the path, and more can be seen a bit further north just across from the trash can. This one can keep on blooming well into October! (Native)


Senecio spartioides

Broom senecio (Senecio spartiodes) – I love this senecio, both because it is pretty and because it is one of the few senecios I can easily identify! Too see this one, look for it along the East Path just west of the Playing Field. It is the one yellow-blooming plant that is a bit taller than the surrounding blue grama grass seedheads (that look like eyelashes). Last year, I saw some of these along the Middle Path as well, so keep your eyes open there too. The long, thin, drooping petals and needle-like green leaves make identifying this one pretty simple. (Native)


Liatris punctata

Gayfeather (Liatris punctata) – This is the first time I’ve noticed this plant in the park! (I see quite a bit of it in Sonderman/Beidleman Park.) This little plant is an excellent addition to the dry garden and is often available at local garden centers. Finding this is a little tricky, but it is worth it. The magenta pink color is one of my favorites. Look for it on the East Path along the Wildflower Meadow Field. It is just inside the edge left by the mower. By my count, it was about 80 steps north of the little stone bridge near the parking lot. (Native)