crocus.jpgIn addition to reporting on the first house finch mating song I hear each year (see previous post), I also keep track of when I see the first crocus in bloom (See last year’s post).

Just over a week ago, I was surprised to see the first crocus in bloom in my neighborhood. I had been expecting it to be earlier this year just because of the unusual long warm stretches we had in December and January. However, we had almost no snow at all this season and I was sure that would affect the bloom as well. But apparently it has been enough for a couple of gold crocus to be in bloom when I walked by on (drum roll…..)

Jan 31!

This is much much much earlier than last year, but last year’s first bloom was quite late. It was a very different winter – COLD and staying COLD.

For comparison, once again I’m including the information from past years. You’ll note that this is certainly not the earliest that I’ve seen the first crocus since I’ve kept records:

2010: March 2

2009: Jan 24

2008: Feb 27

2007: Feb 18

2006: Feb 8

2005: Jan 26

Looking back at my records, last year it was March 23 when I saw the first crocus in bloom in my own garden.