housefinch.jpgI’m a little late on delivering this year’s “first house finch mating song” report! It’s actually been over a month, but I’ve been a bit lax in scheduling writing time for my blog lately, something I’ll soon remedy.

But anyway….every year I record when I hear the first FULL house finch mating song. And this year, the winner is

Jan 3!

This is the earliest I’ve heard and recorded a full song; in fact, the little guy barely made it into 2011. I always have theories, usually related to weather. We definitely have had a warmer (and much much drier) than average winter this year, and sometimes I think a streak of warm weather encourages the males to start wooing their mates early.

Here are my results from the past few years:

2010: Jan 19

2009: Jan 12

2008: Jan 8

2007: Jan 15

2006: Jan 15

2005: Jan 23