treesweater1.jpgI pay close attention to what’s happening in the north section of Monument Valley Park (which you know if you’ve been following my blog or know me in person). The colors in winter can be beautiful, especially along the creek – think rust reds, wheat yellow, tan, brown, dark green. But I was surprised by some really bright colors on one of my recent visits to the park – hot pink, deep purple, aqua blue!

Yup – a couple of the trees are sporting sweaters! The sweaters are beautifully knitted and are form fitting. This little cottonwood now pops out of the surrounding winter landscape. If you visit the park, look for it near the very northern edge of the park between the west and central trails. Another, more difficult to find, sweatered tree is close to the geologic column.

treesweater2.jpgThe sweaters sport a label, and I did some hunting around online to see if I could find out anything about the maker. Although I couldn’t find out anything about the responsible knitter, I did discover that an active group of knitters worldwide delights in what is called knitted graffiti or, more sinisterly, yarn bombing. Colorful knitted creations turn up on light posts, street signs, public sculptures, and yes, trees, among many, many other possible places.

In the past, some of the smaller evergreens in the park have been decorated with ornaments, raffia, berries, and popcorn. The birds and squirrels eventually take care of all the edible ornaments, and I suspect some of the raffia ends up woven into nests. I wonder what will happen to the sweaters. Will I see squirrels running around with tiny scarves or notice bright yarn in nests? I’ll keep you posted….