tanager_terrible_back.jpgI’ve heard that the only difference between a professional photographer (specifically, wildlife photographer) and an amateur is that the professional never shows her “bad” photos.

So…I guess I am NOT a professional photographer. Sometimes my bad photos make me laugh and I just have to share them.

One of my favorite birds to see in spring in my area is the western tanager. The bright yellow back, black wings, and bright orange-red head of the males makes this about the most tropical looking bird we ever get. They are somewhat shy when it comes to being watched and photographed (not like those vain robins!). So I have a collection a pretty bad photos of them.

Here is my 2009 Terrible Tanager Photo:
Ah…so far away and out of focus!

And the 2010 Terrible Tanager Photo:
I’m especially proud of how sharply in focus the tree trunk behind him is.

And this year’s entry:
Not too bad! I had to shoot this through a gap between two fence pickets between my and my neighbor’s backyard. Using the fence as a blind is probably what allowed me to get the shot at all! Of course, when the bird hopped across the little pond and I zoomed in, this is what I got:
Look at how sharp those rocks are!

Well, if all goes well, I’ll be back next year with the 2012 Terrible Tanager photo.