Well this strange growing season is coming to an end. Soon the leaves will be falling off of the trees in the park and it will enter into its winter mode. So here is one more wrap-up of what is blooming.

My last post covered the terrific weed growth in the park this year (see the weed post). Since that time, bloom has been somewhat winding down with the same plants in bloom for the past six weeks.

So if you visit the park now, here is what you’ll see blooming in many areas in the loops around the north part of the park.

Bouncingbet (Saponaria officinalis) – This ambitious noxious weed has been blooming for a long time now and will continue until frost.

Hairy goldenaster (Heterotheca villosa) – This is another long bloomer that has been going since late summer. You can see it growing low along the trail edges. Chances are, any yellow flower you see near your feet is going to be this native plant.

Many-flowered aster (Virgulus ericoides) – This is a bright white aster. Plants have many many small white flowers covering them. They are quite beautiful! Any white flowers you see now are mostly likely this native plant (there is a particularly big patch in the middle of the middle loop).

Smooth aster (Aster laevis) – I love this purple aster, and this is the first year I’ve noticed it much in the north part of the park. It’s another native.

Broom senecio (Senecio spartiodes) – This is a taller, yellow flowering plant. The flowers have long ray flowers (the “petals”) and they sort of resemble (heavy on the SORT OF) a broom head. These native beauties are mostly finished, but you still may encounter a few, especially along the east path.