crocus3.jpgI’m continuing to keep a record of when I see the first crocus in my neighborhood each year (view last year’s post). Usually, it is at the same place, but this year, it was in a different garden. And not only that, it wasn’t really ME who saw it. It was my husband. But I figure he’s a trustworthy source.

I’m late (sorry!) in posting it this year. But the crocus themselves have been later, almost three weeks later than last year. It’s not that we’ve been overly cold. I suspect that it is because it has, once again, been overly DRY, and the place where I usually see the first crocus doesn’t get any winter watering from its owner.

So this year, it’s…..

Feb 22! (At the “usual” place, where I usually see the first ones, it was Feb 25)

For comparison, once again I’m including the information from past years. You’ll note that this is definitely not the latest that I’ve seen the first crocus since I’ve kept records:

2011: Jan 31

2010: March 2

2009: Jan 24

2008: Feb 27

2007: Feb 18

2006: Feb 8

2005: Jan 26

Looking back at my records, last year it was March 20 when I saw the first crocus in bloom in my own garden.