Overheard at the 2012 Peak to Prairie Landscape Symposium in Colorado Springs….

Another Peak to Prairie Landscape Symposium has gone by, and once again, I’ll share interesting and funny quotes that came up in the sessions. Although I actually presented at this year’s symposium, you won’t find any quotes from me here since I didn’t say anything interesting or funny. (Just kidding!)

As always, I’ve done my best to be accurate, but sometimes my ears (and typing!) are not perfect.

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From Dr. Kathleen Wolf (“Urban Greening and the Livable Community: What Does the Research Tell Us?”):

“Asphalt does NOT make a good mulch.”

From Becky Wegner (“Recommended Trees for the Pikes Peak Region”):

“The flowers on female [ginkgo] trees has an unpleasant smell, so you may want to plant male trees. But….someone told me that gingko trees can actually change sex!”

From Shane Smith (“Ruthless Gardening: Learning Tough Love for the Home Garden”):

“There’s actually a ‘gardens and guns’ group – if you don’t believe me, Google it! It’s probably in Texas.”

“Some people like to go to Las Vegas to gamble; some like to go to their backyards.”

“Most of us are too kind. The ruthless gardener is the best gardener out there.”

“There’s nothing like having a couple of degrees in horticulture and realizing you’re kind of a crummy gardener.”

“It’s a great time to go out and thin your carrots right after paying a cell phone bill.”

“You don’t need an environmental impact statement before you go out and mess in your yard!”

“If you have trouble making life and death decisions in the garden, garden with a war vet.”

From Joel Reich (“Apple Trees for Colorado’s Front Range”):

“Really?! Is this the next slide?!”

“We all need to warm up to the idea that a little bit of pest damage [on produce in general] is not the end of the world.”

“There are days when your pseudo-sexy female will be the only sexy female around.” (on pheromone-baited sticky traps)

From Jean Reeder (“Soil Savvy: Working with Your Local Soil”):

“I’m called the ‘dirt doctor’ sometimes – dirt is what you get under your fingernails.”

“You get what you get.” (on soil texture)

“We need to know as much about our soils as we do about our plants.”

“A soil test can’t tell you if you’re a lousy irrigator.”

From the symposium committee (“Mythbusters!”):

Judith Rice-Jones – “Colorado and Hawaii are the only two states where all of the water runs out.”

“We [Colorado] have the highest number of water attorneys per capita.”

Joe Dixon – “I am going to give you the gospel truth.” [while fibbing shamelessly to us]

Catherine Moravec – “Everyone hang on to your seats because we’re gonna talk about…mulch!”

Scott Winter – “I’ve never been accused of being a bleeding heart plant lover – if a plant isn’t meeting my expectations, I have no problem killing it.”

Lisa Somnis – “zeer-eh-scape…everybody say it….zeer-eh-scape!” [not zee-roh-scape]

“Xeriscape is not a style; it’s an approach.”

Carla Anderson – “There is no such thing as deer-proof.”