mpv_fall_color.jpgWell it was a very warm (at times, downright HOT) spring and summer for Monument Valley Park this year. It was also very very dry. At this point, the city has officially received less than 8 inches of precipitation, and nearly half of that came in a single heavy storm in mid-June. So if you’ve been following my bloom updates, you know that it was not a terrific year for blooms.

Now we’re going through our standard warm fall season, but we have had a few pretty hard freezes (23 degrees or so). Those were enough to really throw the brakes on for blooming, both in our gardens and in the park. But the warm temperatures have encouraged a few odd things, like new little green alfalfa plants coming up along the trails in the north part of the park. A few of the older alfalfa plants can still be found blooming in a few places at this point too.

The past month was still truly beautiful in the north part of the park – the fall colors were as good as I can remember. So here are a few pictures by which to remember this fall in the park.


Rare black form of our fox squirrel


Ash tree in fall color


One of our large old cottonwoods


And one of our younger cottonwoods


Seeds on a Kentucky coffeetree