crocus_2013.jpgI’m happy to report that I’ve FINALLY seen the first little crocus bloom this year! And I’m thrilled to have my new little smartphone camera with me nearly all the time, so this year, the photo is of the actual first crocus that I saw.

Last year, I was thrown a curve when the first crocus popped up in a completely different garden than usual (and my husband spotted it and reported it to me). But this year, it is back at the same place where I usually see the first little bloom. This garden never receives additional winter water other than our rare snows; hence, the blooms seem to be happening a little later each year since our winters have been so dry. I think this year’s bloom got a boost from a 2″ wet snow we received the week before. (And as I type, there is about 6″ of wet snow on the ground from a more recent snow, so I’m expecting many more crocus soon!)

So this year, it’s…..Feb 17! Wow…last year, the crocuses in this garden didn’t start until Feb 25. I suspect that wet snow I mentioned is why it’s actually a little earlier this year. Whoo hoo!!!

For comparison, once again I’m including the dates for the first bloom from past years:

2012: Feb 22

2011: Jan 31

2010: March 2

2009: Jan 24

2008: Feb 27

2007: Feb 18

2006: Feb 8

2005: Jan 26

If you haven’t seen any crocuses in your own garden yet, don’t feel bad. My own garden notes show that I probably won’t see the first one blooming in my garden for at least another month.