housefinch.jpgThe house finches are back to being early birds this year. I headed out for one of my routine jogs and when I was in a nearby park, I realized that I was hearing finches twittering a bit. At first I heard just parts of songs (I only count the first FULL mating song that I hear), but I stopped and found the flock hanging out in a nearby shrub. One bird took off and landed at the top of a spruce tree, and I thought “Ah, he is going to be the one…” And sure enough, a moment later, he belted out the full house finch mating song!

So this year, the winning date is

Jan 2! (This is the earliest I’ve heard one so far.)

Here are my results from the past few years:

2013: Jan 17

2012: Jan 3

2011: Jan 3

2010: Jan 19

2009: Jan 12

2008: Jan 8

2007: Jan 15

2006: Jan 15

2005: Jan 23