I’m amazed it has taken me a little while to post the first crocus bloom info this year (because I always get so excited when I see them!). I was pleased it was back to being a bit earlier than it was last year (Feb 25 – sheesh!). And as I explain each year,  the “first bloom” site has moved back and forth between two locations recently (ruining any scientific merit for using my observations for anything beyond fun). For many years, it was always a few blocks near my house in what we’ll call Location #1. Then a few years ago, my husband discovered Location #2, several blocks further away. This year, for the first time, I saw the first blooming crocuses in BOTH locations on the same day! And…I suspect they may have actually started a few days before, but I can only report the date I saw them.


So this year, it’s…..

Feb 8! The recent decent snows followed by some warmer temps nudged them nicely along. A week earlier, I saw leaves up, and I waited a week to visit again, but I would not be surprised if they actually started a few days earlier.

For comparison, here are the dates for the first bloom from past years:

2014: Feb 25 (Location #2)

2013: Feb 17 (Location #2)

2012: Feb 22 (Location #1)

2011: Jan 31 (Location #2)

2010: March 2 (Location #1)

2009: Jan 24 (Location #1)

2008: Feb 27 (Location #1)

2007: Feb 18 (Location #1)

2006: Feb 8 (Location #1)

2005: Jan 26 (Location #1)

And as always, I like to remind you that if you haven’t seen any crocuses in your own garden yet, don’t feel bad. My own garden probably won’t see the first one blooming for at least another month.