Crocus2016The poor little crocuses in my neighborhood may be starting to feel they have a stalker….me. Around mid-January, or whenever we have a nice warm spell early in the year, I start frequently visiting and closely observing the two sites where I usually see the first crocuses in bloom. Then I record the date! Not a terribly scientific process or record, it is fun.

This year I think I truly caught them on their first day or two since I visited four days earlier and there was no sign of them at all – not even leaves! From the photo, you can see it was early in the day before the sun had encouraged them to fully open.


So this year, it’s…..

Feb 15! (Location #2) A recent BIG snow (15”-16” at our house) followed by a nice warm spell finally nudged them out of the ground. Spring is officially on its way!

For comparison, here are the dates for the first bloom from past years:

(I label them Location #1 and #2 in my list to help me keep straight where I saw them…the locations are probably of no interest to anyone else!)

2015 – Feb 8 (both locations)

2014: Feb 25 (Location #2)

2013: Feb 17 (Location #2)

2012: Feb 22 (Location #1)

2011: Jan 31 (Location #2)

2010: March 2 (Location #1)

2009: Jan 24 (Location #1)

2008: Feb 27 (Location #1)

2007: Feb 18 (Location #1)

2006: Feb 8 (Location #1)

2005: Jan 26 (Location #1)

And as always, I like to remind you that if you haven’t seen any crocuses in your own garden yet, don’t feel bad. My own garden probably won’t see the first one blooming for at least another month.