Would you like to swing on a star? Carey Moonbeam’s home in a jar….
OK, I don’t really live in a jar. But when I was a kid and I would hear that song, I always pictured this little fairy girl swinging on a tiny little crescent moon in a jar. 

One Sentence Bio

I’m someone who is happiest when she’s creating something – gardens, quilts, crafts, meals, web sites, writing projects; I’m also a former college writing instructor (which is how I know that using that semicolon makes this technically one sentence!).

You Want More?

I moved around a bunch as a kid. But I’ve been settled here in Colorado Springs for over 20 years now.

I’m what I’d call an amateur naturalist – a Colorado Native Plant Master who is into native plants (of course!), birds, animals, gardening, etc. I love to get outside and see what’s going on in the natural world. Luckily I live only a few blocks from a large Colorado Springs public park (Monument Valley Park) with some (sort of) natural areas left intact. I enjoy telling people about what is blooming there, both through my blog posts and through the plant and tree walks that I lead.

Other Interests

I love to get outside with my camera – either in my own garden or on a hike anywhere in beautiful Colorado. If I’m inside, chances are good you’ll find me in front of my computer or sewing machine. I’m a regular jogger (I get to watch for birds then!), and have practiced yoga for many years. And I can proudly say, I start my own tomato plants from seed every year. :-)