Crocus2016The poor little crocuses in my neighborhood may be starting to feel they have a stalker….me. Around mid-January, or whenever we have a nice warm spell early in the year, I start frequently visiting and closely observing the two sites where I usually see the first crocuses in bloom. Then I record the date! Not a terribly scientific process or record, it is fun.

This year I think I truly caught them on their first day or two since I visited four days earlier and there was no sign of them at all – not even leaves! From the photo, you can see it was early in the day before the sun had encouraged them to fully open.


So this year, it’s…..



crocus_2013.jpgI’m happy to report that I’ve FINALLY seen the first little crocus bloom this year! And I’m thrilled to have my new little smartphone camera with me nearly all the time, so this year, the photo is of the actual first crocus that I saw.

Last year, I was thrown a curve when the first crocus popped up in a completely different garden than usual (and my husband spotted it and reported it to me). But this year, it is back at the same place where I usually see the first little bloom. This garden never receives additional winter water other than our rare snows; hence, the blooms seem to be happening a little later each year since our winters have been so dry. I think this year’s bloom got a boost from a 2″ wet snow we received the week before. (And as I type, there is about 6″ of wet snow on the ground from a more recent snow, so I’m expecting many more crocus soon!)

So this year, it’s….. (more…)

crocus3.jpgI’m continuing to keep a record of when I see the first crocus in my neighborhood each year (view last year’s post). Usually, it is at the same place, but this year, it was in a different garden. And not only that, it wasn’t really ME who saw it. It was my husband. But I figure he’s a trustworthy source.

I’m late (sorry!) in posting it this year. But the crocus themselves have been later, almost three weeks later than last year. It’s not that we’ve been overly cold. I suspect that it is because it has, once again, been overly DRY, and the place where I usually see the first crocus doesn’t get any winter watering from its owner.

So this year, it’s…..

crocus.jpgIn addition to reporting on the first house finch mating song I hear each year (see previous post), I also keep track of when I see the first crocus in bloom (See last year’s post).

Just over a week ago, I was surprised to see the first crocus in bloom in my neighborhood. I had been expecting it to be earlier this year just because of the unusual long warm stretches we had in December and January. However, we had almost no snow at all this season and I was sure that would affect the bloom as well. But apparently it has been enough for a couple of gold crocus to be in bloom when I walked by on (drum roll…..) (more…)

crocus2.jpgEvery year, I keep track of when I see the first crocus in bloom (See last year’s post.). Well this morning I FINALLY saw the first crocus in bloom in my neighborhood. It was starting to feel like it would never happen! Of course, the first crocus is never in my own garden. I usually see it along the sidewalk at a house about three blocks from me. This morning, the crocus I saw was actually at a different house, so I may need to change my observation area. The original “first crocus” place is owned by an elderly person who gets a little help with her gardening, and the last few years, the crocus area has been left with heavy leaf cover over it. I suspect the crocus have been getting weaker and weaker under there. (more…)

Yesterday, I discovered the first flowers in my yard for the year – two little purple irises coming up in the driest dustiest part of my newly establishing buffalo grass lawn. Last fall, I ordered around 500 bulbs to go into the buffalo grass lawn I’d started from plugs over the summer. I’d seen so many fabulous pictures of others’ lawns in April filled with color that it was always a part of my plan to do the bulbs after getting the lawn started. Luckily, I found a wholesale place with really good prices (and having to order in quantities of 50 or more was not a problem). Well…I planted and I planted and I planted. The bulbs ended up nearly in a grid because I really could not imagine just throwing 500 bulbs out to naturalize and then not stepping on them or losing any (and plus, I’d then be committed to planting all those bulbs at once!). (more…)

crocus.jpgEvery year I watch very closely for the first crocus in bloom. It is never in my own yard, of course. But it has been consistently in the same yard about two blocks from my own house. I keep garden and wildlife notes every year, and I always note when I saw the first crocus. I know it’s not terribly scientific, but I always find it interesting to see the variation in that “first crocus” date. (One note, although we associate them with spring, it is always in mid-winter that I see the first one.) (more…)